ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves makes its mark at the Apparel Sourcing Week

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ReshaMandi’s ReshaWeaves participated in the Apparel Sourcing Week held in Bengaluru. This was a premium show that saw apparel buyers, manufacturers, retailers, fabric wholesalers, and textile industry experts attend the show. Exquisite natural fabrics and apparel ranging from Indo-Western outfits, ethnic wear, casual shirts, and semi-formals were showcased at the event.

About 800 fabrics and 40 apparel were showcased at the event. Our unique fabric portfolio displayed at the event garnered a lot of appreciation from apparel and textile connoisseurs across the country.

The textile industry is always looking for something new in fabrics. ReshaMandi, as India’s first and the largest farm-to-retail digital ecosystem for natural fibres supply chain is able to gauge this need and also cater to it. Our fabric profile offered a plethora of options for people and end-users looking for fabrics created from natural fibres. They included linen, cotton blends, banana fabric, hemp fabric, bamboo fabric, soya fabric, Matka silk, Tussar silk Ghicha fabric, orange fabric, milk fabric, Bemberg fabrics, and modal fabrics. Hand spun, hand-painted, embroidered accessories like scarves were also part of the exquisite products showcased at the event.

ReshaMandi brings sustainable fashion to the forefront

ReshaMandi, as a supreme leader of India’s natural fibers supply chain, is working with the stakeholders to amplify the production of natural fibres. It has connected all the stakeholders, farmers, reelers, weavers & retailers, and created an ecosystem for all things natural fibres. It is working at grassroots and has organized the unorganized sector. Apart from revolutionising the natural fibres ecosystem through digitization, ReshaMandi is facilitating the fashion industry’s sustainable agenda. ReshaMandi, through ReshaWeaves, is leading the way in bringing sustainable fashion to the forefront and making high-quality natural fabrics affordable to the general public. With ReshaWeaves, it is also championing weavers, reviving various crafts and artforms.

Participation in the Apparel Sourcing Week brought us a step closer to our audience. It helped us establish connections with renowned textile and fashion houses. It also provided a greater reach to our products, as the participation generated ample interest in us amongst the apparel manufacturers and buyers.

ReshaMandi with earnest efforts is creating a social fabric powered by sustainability and inclusivity.

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